Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day: Creative ideas

Valentines day can be so cliché and cheesy! Its a holiday that most people despise for more than a few reasons. Women have bad memories of being alone and feeling neglected. Guys hate it because there is so much expectation for them to be romantic and spend money. Some e think Valentines day was created by card companies and it's over rated. 

Personally, I believe that Valentines day originally comes from the pagan holiday called Embolc. The pagans believed that the month that is now February was sacred because it meant new beginnings. All the animals were becoming fertile, and all the trees, grass and natural life was peaking out of the winter. They worshiped a goddess at this time called Briged. She was a goddess of fertility.

Some theorize the holidy originated in ancient Rome - with a holiday called Lupercalia, which also had to do with fertility. I think Lupercalia was part of the evolution of the day we call Valentines day. It is celebrated with different names and rituals all over the world. I think it is lovely and it is one of my favorite holidays.  Its cheesy, fun, romantic, exciting and it has an amazing history. I do agree  that the holiday has been overtaken by hallmark. Thats why I think its important to come up with ideas that  are thought out, home made and unexpected. You can't "treat every day of the year like Valentines day", peoples lives are too busy for that. So, its nice to have one day to celebrate love, fertility  and new beginnings. 

 Here are a few ideas that might help you enjoy this holiday with your beloved. These ideas are sexy, creative and even inexpensive. 

Spa Night
Suggested ingredients for spa night: Candles, scented message oil, bath salts, music and rose petals.
For this night, make sure you have a clean bathroom and bedroom. Send your love out to the store to pick up something or tell them to wait in the other room. While they are out, set out lots of candles around the bathtub and in your bedroom. Spread the rose petals all around the bathtub and the bed. Fill the tub with hot water, add the bath salts and light the candles. Fill the evening up with a relaxing bath together and take turns giving each other massages. I'm sure you will figure out other things to do! You can add chocolate strawberries to the evening as well. Even more romantic bonus idea: make the strawberries together during the day as a romantic activity!

Picnic at Home
How to have a picnic in your living room: gather together finger foods. At my local grocery store they offer olives, cheese, bread and other easy sexy foods. Get a good bottle of wine. If you have a fire place, light it, if you don't, light candles and pretend that you do. Lay a soft blanket out on the living room floor. You can toss rose petals around the blanket for the romantic cheesy factor. Put all the finger foods on a nice platter and place it on or next to the blanket. Have fun feeding each other or just talking and reminiscing on why you fell in love in the first place!

Scavenger Hunt 
This one takes a lot more effort and pre-thinking! Hide little notes all over the house, one leading to another. You can have a mini gift with each note, like a flower, bottle of wine, strawberries, chocolate, message oil, or what ever you want. At the end of the hunt, leave a card with a heartfelt note about how much you love your love. You could also leave a bigger gift but its is not necessary. To begin the scavenger hunt, you could write a note on the bathroom mirror or underneath your loves dinner plate. Get creative with this one, you could use it to lead them to what ever you want.

Meet at a hotel bar
Sometimes when two people are a team in life, daily life becomes a routine and your home may not feel sexy and romantic. This valentines idea may help to make you really feel like your on a date. After work on Valentines day, meet at a hotel bar and pretend that you are meeting for the first time. Make up a scandalous story about why your there. Have a few drinks together and see where it leads!

Spell it out in candles
Instead of roses or flowers this year!
For this one, you will need to purchase a jumbo package of tea light candles. Use the candles to create a love message on your living room floor or dining room table. Even a simple I LOVE U will work. This is a very romantic and passionate gesture. 

A sweet email
There is nothing like getting a real love note from your love! For some reason most people find this hard to do. Get over your pride, and put everything you love about your person into an email! Send it during work hours on or before valentines day. Tell your love that you want to have a romantic valentines day with them and this is the kickoff. If your feeling frisky, add a few naughty things to the email but mostly make it about why you love them. This valentines idea might be the best one yet!

Bake together
this is an easy romantic way to spend time with your love on valentines day. Make heart shaped cookies or chocolate covered strawberries together! Leave the clean up for the morning if the melted chocolate gets you going! Or keep it rated PG if you have kids and have a fun family Vday!

Make a play list
Pick out all the songs that make you think of your love. All the cheesy romantic songs and the sexy songs that make you feel randy! Put them all on a c.d. for and write "happy Valentines day, love songs for my love" on it in red. 

These are just a few romantic Valentines day ideas. If your feeling super romantic, you can do all of these activities for one Valentines day! Whatever you do, remember to embrace love and appreciate your loved ones!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun design from Etsy...

I have the big green painting of New York that is in this video. There is just a tiny glance of it through another room but it was fun to see it in someone else's cool mid-century home!