Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My history lesson: a vintage fashion journey

I have to credit a local retail shop in Wichita for getting me to think about my next few blog post. The Pink Saloon is my favorite store in Wichita and The owner asked me to answer a few questions for her blog. The fallowing is the first question:

Can you give us a brief history lesson of your fashion journey? 
And this was my answer:

I usually go back in vintage time to find my personal style inspiration, but I try to mix the old with new so my wardrobe will still look up to date. I don't want to look like one of those old ladies who could get out of a certain ara. (although I find them awfully cute) I just need to bring a little of the soul of the past into my wardrobe. 

 In the early 90’s I discovered my passion for fashion. Between the ages of 12 to 14, I mixed grunge with hippie 60’s. I would like to credit my parents record collection as one of my biggest fashion inspirations. I would sit my parents basement, listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beetles, Cat Steven's and Fleetwood Mac.  At that time, my closet held things like 5 pairs of all-star high tops in bright colors and flowers and doodles scribbled all over them. I wore my flannel shirts and cutoff shorts, and a dandelion crown over my parted down the middle hair. I still see little middle school hipsters and think fondly on my mini-rebel days. 

These photos capture the essence of what what would have inspired me in my middle school fashion loving days.

In high-school, I chopped my hair off and idolized Drew Barrymore from Mad Love. My motif of choice was a butterfly. (gag me!) Thank god I didn’t get a tattoo! I still had a hint of hippie but my inspiration moved from the peace loving 60’s to the psychedelic 70’s. 

Below are a few things that would have grabbed my attention in the late 90's.

In my early 20’s I was captured by the disco era, I thought I would have have fit right in to studio 54 with my bell bottoms, sparkly tops and feathered blonde hair.

These photos remind me of the things that would have sparked my interest in my early 20's. I guess its the time to dress young and slutty. You only live in your early 20's once. Looks like I made the best of it! 

As I got older, I became interested a more sophisticated history.  I became more interested in the 1930's and 1940's. I was (and still am) interested in pin curls, red lipstick, pencil skirts, sparkly broaches and costume jewelry. 
The pictures below are the kinds of things that still spark my fashion bug.

In my late twenties, my inspiration came from the 1920’s.  I always seemed to be incorporating an element of flapper to my wardrobe. short dresses, short curly hair or sometimes a headband with a feather. But never so much that I look like I was in costume! 
You can see some examples of my influences below.

Now, as I get a little older and move into my 30’s, I am trying to age gracefully and still keep my fashionable panache. I still pay ammage to fashion history in my wardrobe choices, while splitting the difference between professional and up to date as well. 

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