Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harmonious Posh from conception to fruition!

Today I am going to answer the second question from the interview with Pink Saloon. The Pink Saloon is my favorite store in Wichita and The owner asked me to answer a few questions for her blog. The fallowing is the second question:

 Please tell us about Harmonious Posh from conception to fruition and anything else you want to share. 
Here is my answer:

I have always been a thrift store shopper. I think this stems form the early 90’s and the grunge days (thank you Mark Jacob's!) . I love to have unique items in my wardrobe that nobody else has. Growing up in wichita, It has been hard to find different fashion pieces that nobody else has and shopping at the thrift store  helped me to find funky items from our passed. Actually, my first love is not fashion but interior design. I love to find furniture and and change it. Chopping off legs and giving it a fresh coat of panted stripes or dots.  I treat interior design the same way I treat fashion. I love to use eclectic, retro, vintage and new elements all together to get to a perfect finished room design.  Any time I travel to another city like Chicago, Kansas City or Phoenix, I would much rather go to the vintage shops than to the trendy expensive shops.  I love the feeling of being around all the one of a kind items that someone hand picked. Wichita has only had one other really interesting and trendy vintage shop, so I decided to be the one to bring it to our town. Harmonious Posh’s concept began with furniture in mind but as it evolved, I realized that it was the clothes that were selling, so I went with it.  It was a blast! I created a organized, fresh, clean and comfortable atmosphere for Harmonious Pposh. Most vintage shops seem to be a little dingy and cramped (which can be fun), but I wanted my store to be like me, modern but with a strong vintage ground. I think I was a little ahead of my time because the Harmonious Posh online store was still selling to L.A. and New York. I don’t think vintage had quite made it to the mid-west yet. I closed the brick and mortar doors about a year and a half ago after two years of business. Now, Harmonious Posh is an online store only. It's sad but at least HP still lives!

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