Friday, January 15, 2010

Standing the test of time.

The third question in the pink saloon interview was:

As creator and former owner of Harmonious Posh, you must have seen a lot of trends reinvented over time. What specific styles or accessories seem to stand the test of time? 

I answered with the fallowing:

I have definitely noticed some fashion elements that I believe will stand the test of time. Some of them have had and will continue to have a little tweaking one way or the other, but these are some of the things I believe will never go out of style.

#1 An antique broach. Broaches have always been in fashion. They are very versatile no-matter what era they come from. You can where a broach on your shirt, scarf or in your hair and even on your belt. You can wear them to church or on a night out on the town. 

# 2 The big belt. Belts have not gone out of style yet. Weather the trend is to wear it up high or down low, a belt has always been a figure flattering accessory. 

# 3 Bangles. Bangles can be thin, thick jingly or soft. The most time tested bangles are simple and thin in gold or silver.

# 4 The scarf. Throughout the decades scarves have always been a way to dress up an outfit.

# 5 A beautiful set of pearls. The kind that your grandma might have passed down. The pearls that set just below your collar bone are the classic kind. 

# 6 A good pair of jeans. Ever since jeans have been invented, they have been in fashion.  Jean tops go up the waist and down the waist and the bottoms bell out and then get very skinny, but jeans are always in style.

# 7 The little black dress. This dress has never gone out of style. Black is such a neutral color and over the years we have been able to add whatever accessory is in style to the little black dress and look fresh and trendy. 

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